Published on 28.08.2018

National Sorochintsy Fair together with Odesskii Karavai devoted the project “Bread Map of Ukraine” to the 20th anniversary of the reinstatement of the fair.

The uniqueness and ambitiousness lies in the fact that throughout the fair each of the guests can join the project and decorate the two-meter map of Ukraine with the baked goods made with their own hands. The final appearance of the map will be seen on the final day of the fair. In the future, this work of baking art can become a showpiece and highlight of one of the museums of Ukraine.

The proficients of Odesskii Karavai suggest anyone who feels like it to learn how to make the refined and unique bakery products.

“As the founder of Lauffer Group Alexander Leschinskiy emphasizes, Ukraine for us has been and remains the one and undivided, says Vitalii Balykhin, the chief executive of Lauffer Group. – “Bread map of Ukraine” includes each and all integral parts of the independent Ukraine: Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts, where our colleagues from Lauffer Group successfully worked in the occupation. And we are sure that the Ukrainian flag will return to all illegally occupied cities and towns of Ukraine.”

“For us it was a real challenge to create something unique and impressive for the anniversary Sorochintsy Fair, points out Vitalii Dobrovolskii, the operational director of Odesskii Karavai. – Our proficients scrupulously prepared the patterns and blanks for this unique product. The map is made of dough of sunny color, one of the colors of our national flag. The proficients prepared it on the basis of the administrative-state map of Ukraine in observance of all borders. The map was decorated with the coats of arms of all oblasts and the motto of National Sorochintsy Fair: “20 years with Ukraine”. And now we invite anyone who feels like it to decorate “Bread Map of Ukraine” during the fair with the original baked goods made with their own hands of the flour of the new crop. In this way, we call everyone to make our Ukraine prosperous and better for people by daily good deeds.”

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