Sustainable development is one of the fundamental operational principles at Lauffer Group. It is this principle, which for years has ensured the optimal balance between the Company, our employees, business partner and our produce consumer interests. Enables to grow and be confident in a future for the business, as a whole, and each employee, in particular. Correlate Company interests with the society.


World that we live in 
Lauffer Group is a market leader in processing and baking. But we do not aspire dictating our terms. We respect and care for the world, that we live in – starting with ecology and to people’s interaction at our enterprises.


Public opinion is important for us, we understand, that it is made of a world of factors – from working conditions to a contribution into increased living standards and city development, where the enterprises are based in.


The main objective of any business – bringing up of the effectiveness and earning a profit. This is the Lauffer Group’s main objective. But it is also instrumental for sustainable development. Building up the resources, mastering new products, technologies, entering new markets we are strengthening the Company’s stability, creating a base for its further development.

Our brands

  • Славолия
  • Салтивский
  • Паста гранде
  • Салатмикс
  • Умань
  • Гайсин
  • Урожай
  • Булкин