From the very beginning of its history, Lauffer Group has been constantly investing in new production facilities, advanced technologies and marketing for gaining the leading market positions. At the same time the Company always looks after its social investments. And this goes ways beyond mere taking care of the staff, working conditions, Company veterans and helping the juniors.

We – are a socially responsible business. This shows up in the constant enhancement of the produce quality, the cost price control, and, consequently, in the price for the consumer. And another proof of it is permanent support of the socially significant local community projects.

Human сapital


Respect to people, employed by the Company, is one of the Lauffer Group major corporate governance principles. As both technologies and financial results are made of work and attitude to it by employees.

Over all years of Company’s existence its leading positions in the market have been ensured by the single-minded people, at times working really hard as one team. We have selected the best of the best and have grown the professional cadres from the in-house teams.



We regard charity as an element of Company’s social responsibility.

Our priority in the social sphere is orphan support.

We are open for collaboration with the regional administrative bodies, non-commercial organizations, business community representatives within the framework of joint charity program implementation, being in line with Lauffer Group social and charity policies.

Our brands

  • Славолия
  • Салтивский
  • Паста гранде
  • Салатмикс
  • Умань
  • Гайсин
  • Урожай
  • Булкин