Published on 02.07.2018

The largest producer of baked goods in Odessa oblast the company Lauffer Group demonstrated the stable operating results, having retained the production output in the marketing year 2017/2018.

“Over the past marketing year, four bread-baking plants of Lauffer Group in Odessa, Podolsk and Belgorod-Dnestrovskii produced 52,585 tons of baked goods, which were sold in 3970 retail outlets, says Vitalii Balykhin, the chief executive of Lauffer Group. – These results allowed us to retain the dominant position in the segment of industrial manufacturers in Odessa oblast with a market share of 70%. We remained the leader on the market as a whole. This year we launched 11 new products, which allowed us to bring the product range indicator in the region up to 228 items. By the way, many of the novelties picked up awards at the professional competition arranged by the All-Ukrainian Bakers’ Association. Over the past marketing year, the program to increase the payroll was implemented at the enterprises. The average wage of the employees increased by 26.1%.”

Also, according to the chief executive of Lauffer Group, Odessa oblast continues to sustain low prices for bread. This is largely due to the efforts and socially responsible price policy of the company. In Odessa oblast, the average consumer price for the popular wheat bread made of high-grade flour makes 16.35 UAH per 1 kg. As a comparison: on average, in Ukraine popular wheat bread produced of high-grade flour is more expensive by 18% – 19.26 UAH per 1 kg.

“Despite the constantly increasing costs, the price of baked goods produced by Lauffer Group’s bread-baking plants still remains one of the lowest in Ukraine, says Vitalii Balykhin. – The issue of increasing the prices for the affordable quality products has not even been discussed. We try to lend reasonable support to customers and do not raise prices for the entire line of breads.”

In the product lines of TM Bulkin bread for the mass-market items the price increase is minimal. This category includes Obedennyi Domashnii bread (wheat) 0.9 kg, Novoselskii bread 0.8 kg (wheat), Odesskii bread 0.85 kg (wheat-rye) and Darnitsa bread 0.8 kg (wheat-rye). Besides, in order to meet the requirements of all segments of the people, the affordable bread program for the inhabitants of Odessa was launched in 2016: Pshenichnyi tinned bread of 1 grade 0.6 kg and Stepovoi tinned bread 0.6 kg (wheat-rye). The program successfully works up to now. 6 of 28 items of bread (about 21%) can be classified as high-quality affordable bread.

“Social responsibility towards the society is a priority in the operation of our Group, emphasizes the chief executive of Lauffer Group Vitalii Balykhin. – And this is not only the production of affordable quality breads, but also the real help to children, disabled people, those who suffered from the war. In Odessa, Lauffer Group together with volunteers helps families with many children, who have temporarily left the combat zone, foster children of the orphanages, as well as Odessites of old age.”

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