Published on 26.04.2018

On April 21, an unusual initiative originated at the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine located in Pirogovo near Kiev. At the appeal of Donetsk regional branch of Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (ULIE), the temporary displaced persons from the east of Ukraine took part in “Donetsk Work Party”. The residents of Donetsk, who had been forced to leave their homes due to the conflict in Donbass, by combined efforts put in order the typical house representing the architecture of Donbass at the open-air museum. The house and the adjacent territory were cleaned and decorated: in particular, the ornamental plants were planted out, a Scythian stone woman typical of the south of Donetsk region and a mine car from Toretsk were set up.

The work party was also supported by Lauffer Group, which gave rise to the fruitful cooperation with ULIE. In addition to the direct participation of the Group’s representatives in the event, Druzhkovka bread-baking plant made a festive loaf for the countrymen.

“It’s no secret that Donetsk is the native land for our Group, says Vitalii Balykhin, the chief executive of Lauffer Group. – The founder of Lauffer Group Alexander Leschinskiy is originally from Donetsk, the company started its operation in this city, and left it after the outbreak of the conflict in the east of Ukraine with a heavy heart. Nevertheless, many people from Donetsk region remain our employees, and they still wait for the return to the Ukrainian Donbass. Therefore, we considered the creation of a particle of the small motherland in a new place in Kiev region an important undertaking. Thus, when the head of Donetsk branch of ULIE Viacheslav Redko put forward the initiative to arrange “Donetsk Work Party” in Pirogovo we certainly eagerly supported it. And now, owing to the efforts of Donetsk displaced persons, the open-air museum has the renovated and ennobled manor, many of which can be found in towns and villages of Donbass. The festive loaf was a special present from Lauffer Group. Many enterprises of the Group operating in Donetsk oblast wanted to bake it for the patriots of their native land, but eventually this privilege was enjoyed by Druzhkovka bread-baking plant. The residents of Donetsk region are hospitable people. They were glad to share a sweet present with the workers and visitors of the museum in Pirogovo.”

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