Lauffer Group enterprises are always noticeable and are important production units in their oblasts, towns and rayons, where they are based. Investing in its enterprises the Company invests in its employees, their future right at their place of residency. Company development always encourages new jobs creation. Production volume growth entails a growth in local budget tax revenues.

Being a leader of the nutrition industry, Lauffer Group is aware of the need for its participation in handling one of the most acute problems faced by the country – ensuring food security and people’s life standard quality.

By regular enlargement and improvement of the produce assortment, Lauffer Group strictly complies with the volumes and cost of socially-oriented bread products. Being a supplier of these products and services, the Company maintains a balance between its commercial interests and the interests of vulnerable social groups, with the local consumer specifics taken account of.

The Company is actively involved in life of the localities of its presence. The functioning system of communication with local communities helps in establishing a dialog with the local populations and authorities.

Our brands

  • Славолия
  • Салтивский
  • Паста гранде
  • Салатмикс
  • Умань
  • Гайсин
  • Урожай
  • Булкин