Published on 04.04.2018

More than 100 thousand of festive Easter cakes will be produced for Easter at Lauffer Group bread-baking plants (the parts of Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts controlled by Ukraine). The total volume of products baked at Mariupol, Kurakhovo, Selidovo, Pokrovsk, Druzhkovka and Severodonetsk bread-making plants will be about 50 tons.

“This year is the Easter comes early. And for us it started even earlier, said Roman Golodnikov, the area director of the Eastern division of Lauffer Group. – We presented our Easter cakes at the fair in Stanitsa Luganskaia as early as on March 27. The habitants of the front-line territories responded to our call: “Let’s fill the Easter hamper with gifts of the dear land and the warmth of our hearts”.

Traditionally, at the beginning of this week, before the production of Easter cakes, the raw materials and equipment were consecrated at all our bread-making plants. Our Easter baked goods correspond to all canons of Orthodox Church. Work for the sake of peace and love endues us with force and hope for the best. I am sure that our festive products will certainly be to the taste of Donbass inhabitants.”

In all, seven kinds of cakes will be offered to buyers differing in weight, appearance, decoration, and baked following to the traditional recipe. Cakes will be packed into the bundles with Orthodox symbols. The shops in the towns and cities of Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts have already been supplied with Easter cakes. The bakers are sure that their products will suffice to provide the majority of habitants of the region with Easter products.

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