Published on 21.09.2017

In March 2017, Mariupol bread-baking plant of Lauffer Group launched its own social program having offered the townsmen the new and more affordable bread – a half kilogram loaf Pokrovskii at the price of 5.46 UAH. The program is aimed at supporting the most vulnerable segments of the population.

“Bread is one of few products, without which it is difficult to do,” says Dmitrii Ignashov, the administrative manager of Mariupol bread-baking plant. – However, today the country has appeared in the difficult economic situation. People try to cut down expenses. Therefore, our company would like to lend the adequate support to the customers. Apart from numerous charity events, we decided to sell our novelty at the affordable price maintaining the quality standard. The following decision has been taken: the base price of Pokrovskii loaf equal to 5.46 UAH is intended to minimize the burden on family budgets of the consumers having a humble income. Such social initiatives are always supported by the majority shareholder of Lauffer Group Alexander Leschinskiy.”

More than 3000 pieces of Pokrovskii loaf are baked every day. The figures on the sales on this novelty at the affordable price for the first week since the launch of the social initiative of Mariupol bread-baking plant suggest that it is popular and relevant.

“The development and implementation of the socially-oriented programs is one of the strategic priorities of Lauffer Group,” sums up Dmitrii Ignashov. – Being a socially responsible company, we see the necessity to create favorable conditions for implementation of the social tasks of the business and society. We are sure that such social programs make a strong contribution to the stability of our region.”

Let us recall that the social program of Lauffer Group started in Pokrovsk, Donetsk oblast. As of today, it operates in other cities of the region as well. This initiative is also being implemented in Lugansk, Kharkov and Odessa oblasts.

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