Published on 24.04.2018

The International Exhibition Center hosted the exhibition “Bakery and Confectionery Industry 2018” in the framework of the International Forum of Food Industry and Packaging IFFIP from April 18 till April 20, 2018. More than 200 participating companies from Ukraine, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain, and India took part in the event. The All-Ukrainian Bakers’ Association was the partner of this project. Lauffer Group has been a member of the association since 2012, participating in all significant events under the auspices of this organization.

Belgorod-Dnestrovskii, Podolsk and Odessa bread-baking plants forming a part of Odesskii Karavai properly presented a wide range of products manufactured by the enterprises of Lauffer Group: breads, loaves, buns, biscuits, spice cakes and Easter cakes, and other products which, under the terms of the contest, had been introduced in the range of the enterprises this year.

In the All-Ukrainian competition of bakery and flour confectionery products “The Best Bakery Product 2018” initiated by the All-Ukrainian Bakers’ Association Odesskii Karavai with its products won the victory in each of the nominations and received 6 diplomas for the premier place and six diplomas for the second place.

The assortment of Lauffer Group’s enterprises includes the most diverse products suiting any taste. Besides, the company turns out bakery products at reduced affordable prices. The products of this category can be bought at the company shops and in the retail network. Lauffer Group also sends for free affordable bread to military units, as well as to the organizations working with internally displaced people, disabled people and vulnerable segments of the population, implementing the corporate social responsibility.

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