Published on 21.09.2017

Lauffer Group successfully implements the program of creating and expanding its own trading network under TM Zefir. After successful steps in Odessa and Kharkov oblasts, where 27 sales outlets were opened over three years, and the volume of investments exceeded five million UAH, the company decided to open the market of the Ukrainian capital city.

Having studied the preferences of Kievers, who relished the products of Lauffer Group’s bread-baking plants, the company decided to open the first sales outlet in Kiev at the retail and entertainment centre New Way (1, Architect Verbitsky Str.).

“The retail and entertainment centre New Way was not a random choice,” says Vitaliy Balykhin, director general of Lauffer Group. – This retail and entertainment centre has truly become a family center. Parents can give their kids a lot of positive emotions. Visiting the retail and entertainment centre New Way in Darnitskii district of the capital is always associated with a beneficial and exciting leisure for adults and children, great mood and a lot of impressions. And ZefiR is just for those who like to treat their relatives to tasty food. Sweet teeth will appreciate our products. It will be possible to have a bite near the outlet equipped with the counter, and buy various delicacies to taste them at home. ТМ ZefiR provides a wide range of confectionery and bakery products of Saltovskii Bread-Baking Plant (Kharkov) and Odesskii Karavai (Odessa). The products of our bakeries are very popular. Those who visit ZefiR will be able to partake croissants suiting any taste, special chocolate and cheese cakes, crispy stick biscuits and rusks, spice cakes with various fillings, and take a cup of tasty natural grain coffee. For the opening day we planned the tasting of the most delicious oatmeal biscuits in the world, in our opinion. These biscuits are of the size of a coin. These were the biscuits to become since long the brand identity of TM Bulkin. Interestingly, these biscuits are usually bought not by weight, but in cartons. And no matter how much you take, it will not be enough! So, we invite you to visit the opening and tasting.”

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