Lauffer Group is a top-ten Ukrainian processing company and is one the world leaders in the flour milling and baking segments. Lauffer Group is also a large producer and food exporter of products in the oil and fat line. The Group comprises a string of factories, producing mayonnaise, pasta, canned and other products. Lauffer Group has been in business for 14 years in Ukraine and is comprised of some 100 enterprises, operating in various food production segments. Enterprises, which are part of Lauffer Group, are based in central, southern and eastern Ukraine.

Lauffer Group works on diverse development projects and is planning entering international markets. According to 2013 results, the Group’s turnover amounted to 415 million. Lauffer Group is represented by the following brands:
Baking and bread product segments ― Urozhay, Bulkin, Saltovskii trademarks.
Snack production segment ― Bulkin, Toptyga trademarks.
Flour milling segment ― Urozhay trademark.
Pasta production segment ― Urozhay, Kozachok trademarks
Oil and fat segment ― Urozhay, Slavolia trademarks.
Canned product segment ― Gaysin, Uman, Salatmix trademarks.
All the products are produced under a traditional technology exclusively from ecologically clean raw material, without harmful additives and preservatives.

Our brands

  • Славолия
  • Салтивский
  • Паста гранде
  • Салатмикс
  • Умань
  • Гайсин
  • Урожай
  • Булкин