Ensure the food security of the country and strengthen the well-deserved Ukraine’s positions in the global food market. The Lauffer Group is a socially responsible company, operating in the shareholder and company staff well-being long-term interests. Social – is an important component of the Company’s operations. This is financial and social protection, stability, confidence in tomorrow for its staff, and a stable business for the employer. The Lauffer Group is an open international company, a leader in produce processing and baby food production. Favored by a deep vertical integration we are creating a model of sustainable development, which will ensure a stable assortment of high-quality nutrition products, essential for the consumer, fair competition, essential for the market and GDP growth essential for the economy.

Our priorities:

  • our employees well-being and shareholder profit
  • sustainable development
  • new jobs creation
  • tax payment transparency
  • product quality
  • ensuring the food security of the country

Company’s key asset — quality:

  • traditional technologies and clean ecologically raw materials
  • product quality
  • working conditions and employee life standard quality
  • honest partner relations
  • stable collaboration with local communities
  • substantial contribution in food security

Our brands

  • Славолия
  • Салтивский
  • Паста гранде
  • Салатмикс
  • Умань
  • Гайсин
  • Урожай
  • Булкин