Published on 16.02.2018

On February 14, the folk festival on the occasion of Maslenitsa was held in Pokrovsk, Donetsk oblast. The representatives of Lauffer Group, who presented the townspeople with the Loaf of Peace, joined one of the most favorite holidays. The festive loaf was divided into 8 parts, which were given to ATO soldiers, militants of the National Guard of Ukraine, Pokrovsk military hospital, as well as the local family-type orphanages. Thus, the initiative of the founder of Lauffer Group Alexander Leschinskiy, which started last year exactly on Maslenitsa and exactly in Pokrovsk, symbolically returned to its homeland.

“Peace in the territory of Ukraine is what every citizen and all progressive mankind strive for, says the mayor of Pokrovsk Ruslan Trebushkin. – Therefore, we naturally support any sound initiative aimed at this. And the contribution of Lauffer Group will not be in vain.”

“Last year the Loaf of Peace visited almost all continents, commented Vitalii Balykhin, the chief executive of Lauffer Group. – The prominent figures representing various fields joined our campaign. Of course, we shall go on with our initiative. And today the loaf returned to Pokrovsk, residents of which have known and loved the products of our Group for many decades.”

The initiative of the founder of Lauffer Group Alexander Leschinskiy the Loaf of Peace was first launched at Maslenitsa festival 2017 in Pokrovsk, Donetsk oblast. Seven bread-baking plants of the Group in Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts baked seven Loaves of Peace and handed them over to orphans, displaced persons from the combat zone, ATO soldiers.

Several thousands of employees of the company decided to continue baking them until peace comes to Ukrainian land.
The initiative was supported by the employees of Saltovskii Bread-Baking Plant (Lauffer Group), who created the record-setting Loaf of Peace weighing 614 kilograms. The Loaf from Kharkov was decorated with the map of Ukraine, the national flag and a smaller coat of arms, as well as the symbols of 11 cities of Lauffer Group’s bread-baking plants operation. On August 21, the representatives of the National Register of Records registered the achievement of Kharkov bakers in the nomination “the Heaviest Loaf”, and on August 22 it was presented at the opening of the annual Sorochynsky Fair.

A week later, Alexander Leschinskiy’s initiative went beyond Ukraine and gained the international status: on August 29, during the days of Ukrainian diaspora in Lviv, the representatives of Lauffer Group presented the Loaf of Peace to Yevgen Cholii, the President of the Ukrainian World Congress uniting 20 million of our fellow nationals throughout the world.

On September 2, in Odessa, at the celebration of the City Day, another record Loaf of Peace was presented, not the most massive, but the most decorated. In all, the bakery product weighing almost 300 kilograms held more than 2,000 decorative elements of dough, and some of them were made by the inhabitants of Odessa, children and representatives of the mass media, who in the truest sense of the word held their hands to the national record. Traditionally, the loaf was handed over to the needy: orphans and families of internally displaced persons.

On September 9 and 10, respectively, Druzhkovka and Mariupol bread-baking plants presented their Loaves of Peace.
On September 13, the officials with the Loaf of Peace welcomed in Odessa the first batch of coal from the United States, which was intended to reduce Ukraine’s dependence on the Russian Federation’s energy resources and ensure the energy security of the country.

On September 29, the Loaf of Peace was used to welcome Steve Wozniak in Ukraine, and on October 5 – the famous Sting, the Nobel laureate Rajendra Kumar Pachauri and the Ambassador of Morocco to Ukraine Mina Tunci. Further, on November 10, the representatives of the cult rock band Scorpions received the Loaf of Peace.

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